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IC Langstteich's K'Cepetto
(MCO ns 09 22)

Langstteich's P'Knocout 
(MCO ds 12)

Langstteich's s CC.O'Predicat 
(MCO as)

Langstteich's C.Countdown (MCO n 09 23)

Langstteich's O'Perah (MCO ns 22)

Utopia of Coon-Castle 
(MCO f 03)

Nascat's Armageddon of Coon-Castle (MCO n 09 22)

CH Lady Ivanhoe of Coon-Castle (MCO d 09 22)

Langstteich's Ca"Pella 
(MCO n 09 22)

Langstteich's Calvin 
(MCO n 09 22)

Coonyham Wilbur (MCO a 09 22)

Capecoon's Cinderella (MCO n 09 22)

Capecoon's Perdita 
(MCO f 22)

Capecoon's Righteous Rider (MCO n 22)

GC CFA Coonmora's Fyrefoot (MCO f 22)

Black Smoker's Whisper
(MCO ds 09 23)

Game Over From Glowing Eyes
(MCO ds 22)

Of Black Youcon Cats Lucky Star 
(MCO n)

of Koi Pond Casanova (MCO d 22)

of Black Youcon Cat's E.Ladykracher (MCO g 09)

King of Lion's Love Light 
(MCO es 09 21)

Lachtetals Rockey (MCO d 22)

King of Lion's R-Emotion (MCO gs 09)

Black's Smokers Peanut Brittle 
(MCO gs 09)

Knockout of Saxsonyforest 
(MCO a 22)

Valentino of Baydar (MCO n 09 22)

Carramba of Saxsonyforest (MCO a)

Black Smoker's Coyote Ugly 
(MCO fs 09)

EC At.Big Giants Beloj (MCO w 61)

The Colonian Flame Anny (MCO ns)